Apple’s 32-Inch iMac Pro Expected to Launch in 2025, Analysts Predict

Apple enthusiasts have long awaited the release of a new iMac Pro, and recent reports suggest that they’ll need to exercise patience. According to notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the unveiling of the much-anticipated iMac Pro is not likely to happen before 2025. While Apple’s previous iMac Pro, introduced in 2017, boasted an Intel Xeon processor, it appears that the tech giant is still in the early stages of developing a successor featuring their own Apple Silicon chipsets.

One standout feature of the forthcoming iMac Pro could be its 32-inch mini-LED display, a noticeable upgrade from the previous 27-inch Retina display. Ming-Chi Kuo’s insights into Apple’s product roadmap also allude to a broader iMac refresh, though the release timeline for the iMac Pro remains uncertain.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has corroborated this news, emphasizing that the initial groundwork is underway for the iMac Pro. Apple seems poised to take its time with this product, possibly due to the challenging economic landscape. The company has recently adjusted its orders for the M-series chips, given the ongoing instability in iPad and Mac demand, which is not expected to improve in 2024.

As businesses encourage employees to return to office settings and global inflation poses challenges, it’s clear that Apple might face hurdles in marketing a premium product like the iMac Pro. In these conditions, consumers seeking Mac devices may opt for more affordable options like the MacBook Air, featuring the M1 and M2 SoCs.

Apple’s deliberate approach to the iMac Pro’s launch may be a strategic one, targeting a market rebound in a few years. During this period of recovery, consumers are expected to regain their financial footing, enabling them to invest in high-end products like the iMac.

In summary, the much-anticipated iMac with a 32-inch mini-LED display remains on the horizon, but its official debut is unlikely to occur before 2025, given Apple’s current market considerations.

News Source: Ming-Chi Kuo

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