Enhance Baldur’s Gate 3 Graphics: New Mod Replaces DLSS 2 with FSR 2 for Crisp Visuals

Are you a Baldur’s Gate 3 fan seeking an upgrade in visual quality? Discover the latest game-changer from the modding community that transforms your gaming experience. A groundbreaking Baldur’s Gate 3 mod introduces the DLSS 2 to FSR 2 enhancement, significantly reducing aliasing and delivering remarkable image improvements for non-RTX users.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Modding Advancement: DLSS 2 to FSR 2

Unveiling the CyberFSR2 framework, inspired by the renowned PotatoOfDoom’s work on Cyberpunk 2077, this mod revolutionizes the graphics landscape of Baldur’s Gate 3. While the current version of the game solely supports NVIDIA DLSS 2/DLAA and AMD FSR 1.0, the introduced FSR 2 mod addresses the limitations of its predecessor.

The original FSR 1.0, employing the Lanczos algorithm as a spatial upscaler, falls short in image quality compared to the advanced FSR 2. The FSR 2 mod, an adept temporal upscaler leveraging motion vectors and frame history, propels image quality to unprecedented heights. This innovation sets a new benchmark for visual clarity in the gaming realm.

Experience Enhanced Graphics Today

Awaiting the official integration of AMD FSR 2, eager players need not delay their immersive Baldur’s Gate 3 journey. The DLSS 2 to FSR 2 Baldur’s Gate 3 mod, developed by the diligent modder mandruis7, offers an immediate remedy to aliasing issues for non-RTX users. Witness a dramatic reduction in aliasing, akin to DLSS 2, providing an alluring upgrade to your visual adventure.

Installation Made Easy

Bringing this remarkable enhancement to your Baldur’s Gate 3 experience is a straightforward process. Depending on your operating system, follow these steps:

For Windows:

  1. Extract the mod’s contents alongside the nvngx_dlss.dll file in your game folder.
  2. Run the EnableSignatureOverride.reg file and confirm the merge.
  3. Play the game using Vulkan mode to unlock the DLSS option in settings.

For Linux/Steam Deck:

  1. Extract the mod’s contents next to the nvngx_dlss.dll file in your game folder.
  2. Run the provided linuxinstall.sh script.
  3. Access the DLSS option in settings after playing the game in Vulkan mode.

Effortless Reversion

Should you wish to revert to the original settings, follow these simple steps:

  • Windows: Run DisableSignatureOverride.reg
  • Linux/Steam Deck: Run linuxuninstall.sh script

Witness the Transformation

Experience the astounding transformation yourself by checking out the image comparisons below. While the current implementation introduces slight ghosting, the overall improvement in image quality is well worth the tradeoff.

Upgrade your Baldur’s Gate 3 visuals with the DLSS 2 to FSR 2 mod and embark on an unparalleled gaming adventure. Don’t let technical constraints hold you back from immersive gameplay – seize the opportunity to enhance your cRPG journey like never before.


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