Huawei to Launch P70 in 2024, Supply Chain Partners Revealed

In an encouraging move spurred by strong demand for the Mate 60 lineup in China, Huawei is gearing up to launch the Huawei P70 2024. As revealed by the supply chain, the company has enlisted three manufacturers to provide the under-screen optical fingerprint scanner module for the upcoming flagship: Goodix, GigaDevice, and Weir.

It has been noted that the price of the optical fingerprint scanner has seen an increase of 15-20 percent, with some suppliers witnessing a 30 percent hike. In response to this, Huawei has chosen to diversify its supply chain, engaging multiple manufacturers. This strategic move is aimed at cost reduction, but it still leaves an important question unanswered – what chipset will power the P70, given that the Kirin 9000S was used in the Mate 60 series?

A recent report suggests that the Kirin 9000S might not be a true 7nm silicon and was fabricated on a 14nm process by SMIC, the Chinese semiconductor firm. Despite this, the chip performed on par with 7nm-class parts, indicating potential for improvements. However, SMIC’s limitations in accessing EUV machinery means that they will continue to produce silicon on an older node.

Huawei is likely to face increasing competition from rivals in this area, raising speculation about the choice of chipset for the Huawei P70. As more information about the P70 unfolds, we will keep our readers updated on Huawei’s upcoming flagship in 2024.


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