iPhone 15 Lineup Set to Introduce 35W Fast Charging, A Step Closer to Rivaling Competitors

In a bid to captivate consumers and enhance the user experience, Apple is on the brink of unveiling the highly anticipated iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. With an array of significant updates in the pipeline, Apple seeks to bolster the popularity of its standard models through the integration of Dynamic Island technology on the front and the adoption of USB-C with upgraded internals. One notable enhancement comes in the form of faster charging speeds, with reports indicating that the iPhone 15 lineup will be equipped with 35W fast charging capabilities, a stride towards narrowing the gap with competing brands.

Evolution of Charging Technology:

The upcoming iPhone 15 models are poised to embrace a new USB-C port, replete with Thunderbolt capabilities. This evolution has paved the way for faster charging speeds, promising a more efficient and convenient user experience. While details about this feature were initially scarce, industry insiders have now revealed that the iPhone 15 series will indeed introduce faster charging options.

Distinction Among Models:

The revelation suggests that while some iPhone 15 models will support these swifter wired charging speeds, it remains unclear whether this feature will be exclusive to the Pro models. This strategic differentiation could position the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max as the frontrunners in the charging speed race. In comparison, the previous iPhone 14 Pro boasted a 27W fast charging speed, while the iPhone 14 lagged slightly behind at 20W.

Narrowing the Gap with Competitors:

Apple has long been criticized for lagging behind its Android counterparts in terms of charging speeds. Brands such as Samsung have set the bar high with charging speeds reaching up to 45W, while certain Chinese smartphone manufacturers have pushed the envelope further with wired charging speeds surpassing 75W. In contrast, the iPhone 14 Pro Max necessitated around two hours for a full charge. With the advent of 35W fast charging, users can anticipate a more streamlined charging process, potentially cutting down charging times significantly for the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Potential for Improved User Experience:

Sources suggest that the iPhone 15 lineup could potentially offer charging speeds up to 35W, heralding a notable upgrade over the existing 20W standard. This aligns with industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s prior revelations that the new USB-C port would facilitate fast charging capabilities. However, whether this advancement will be uniform across all four iPhone 15 models or exclusive to the Pro variants remains to be seen.


As anticipation builds ahead of Apple’s upcoming special event on September 12, where the iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be unveiled alongside the Apple Watch Series 9, enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike are eager to witness the fruition of these advancements. With the potential for faster charging speeds and a closer alignment with competitors, Apple’s latest offerings promise to redefine the smartphone experience and reinforce its position as a technology industry trailblazer.

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