iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button Functionality Leaked in iOS 17 Beta

Apple is gearing up to unveil its highly-anticipated iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models later this year, promising major design changes and exciting new features. Among the notable updates is the Action Button, which will replace the Mute Switch on the iPhone 15 Pro’s exterior.

Recent speculations about the Action Button being a shortcut key have been confirmed, thanks to a leak from the latest iOS 17 beta. The beta update, released to developers for testing, gives us a sneak peek into what the iPhone 15 Pro has in store.

The Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to serve nine different functions, and there may be more to come when the phone is officially launched. Some of the functions discovered in the leaked code include offering similar features to the Apple Watch Ultra, with the primary goal of making certain actions and features more accessible to users.

Replacing the current Mute Switch on the iPhone 14 Pro models, the Action Button is set to make a significant impact. Accessibility features, which can sometimes be challenging to access, will now be just a button press away, making life easier for users.

iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button

Initially, there were rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro would feature solid-state buttons, including the Volume, Power, and Action Button. However, technical hurdles prevented Apple from implementing this plan. Instead, the Action Button is now expected to debut with the iPhone 16 Pro models, hinting at even more exciting advancements in the future.

With the leaked information from the iOS 17 beta, the iPhone 15 Pro launch is looking more promising than ever. Stay tuned for further announcements from Apple as they may unveil additional features along with the Action Button at the launch event.

In summary, Apple’s latest iOS 17 beta has confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button will indeed be a versatile shortcut key, providing users with faster and easier access to various functions. The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models promise to revolutionize the user experience with their innovative design and feature enhancements.

(via MacRumors).

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