Remnant II review
Remnant II review
Remnant II review
Remnant II review
Remnant II review
Remnant II review
  1. Remnant II review
  2. Remnant II review
  3. Remnant II review
  4. Remnant II review
  5. Remnant II review
  6. Remnant II review

Remnant II Review – Exploring the Far-Reaching World and Gameplay Fun

  • Gameplay
  • Storytelling
  • Graphics and Presentation
  • Procedural Generation
  • Character Building
4.2/5Overall Score

In this review, we will delve into the game's storytelling, presentation, and gameplay mechanics. Unravel the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic Earth, overrun by the sinister interdimensional evil known as the Root. Explore the intricately designed worlds, each uniquely generated to offer a fresh and immersive experience with every playthrough. Whether you are a seasoned fan of the series or a newcomer, this review will provide an insightful perspective on Remnant II's world and the fun it has to offer. So, fasten your seatbelts as we venture into the far-reaching landscapes of Remnant II!

  • Title: Remnant II
  • Platforms: C, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5
  • Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
  • Developer: Gunfire Games
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 5
  • Engaging Procedural Generation
  • Intricate Character Building
  • Co-op Play
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Satisfying Exploration
  • Lackluster Loot System
  • Shallow Storytelling
  • Inconsistent Visuals
  • Combat Mechanics
  • Technical Drawbacks

Welcome to our in-depth Remnant II review! Join us as we embark on a journey through the post-apocalyptic world of Remnant II, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved game, Remnant: From the Ashes. Developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, Remnant II promises a thrilling experience with its unique blend of looter-shooter action, procedural generation, and a touch of Dark Souls’ flavor.

Story and Characters | Remnant II review

While Remnant II’s setting and premise seem intriguing, the game’s storytelling falls short of expectations. The characters lack depth and tend to be more annoying than captivating. The attempt to reveal the backstory in fragments, a common FromSoftware approach, doesn’t provide the same enriching experience found in games like Elden Ring. The narrative fails to grip players, and at times, you may find yourself wanting the NPCs to stop talking altogether.

Remnant II review

Presentation and Graphics

Despite its storytelling flaws, Remnant II impresses with its presentation and graphics. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, the game boasts moments of visual brilliance. Certain areas exhibit an impressive level of detail, and Epic’s Nanite technology minimizes pop-in issues. However, the visuals are inconsistent, with dated character models and some regions appearing overdone and cluttered, notably the swampy Yaesha region. The PS5 version experiences technical drawbacks, including inconsistent FPS in Balanced and Performance modes, making the 30fps Quality mode the more stable option.

Remnant II review

Gameplay Mechanics and Genre Comparison

Though often compared to Dark Souls, Remnant II’s gameplay shares more similarities with Borderlands. The game offers a dark tone, challenging encounters, and colossal boss fights, but the defining roguelike elements of Dark Souls are absent. Dying in Remnant II doesn’t carry severe penalties, as you respawn at the nearest checkpoint with all your belongings intact. The focus remains on shooting, looting, co-op play, and the allure of procedural generation.

Procedural Generation and World Design

One of Remnant II’s standout features is its procedurally generated world. Every aspect, from the campaign flow to the story, side quests, and map layouts, is randomly generated at the start of the campaign. Players can restart their campaign at any time or venture into the open Adventure mode, experiencing unique worlds with each re-roll. Unlike many procedurally generated games, Remnant II maintains a cohesive and immersive world, reminiscent of Dark Souls’ intricate design, with locked doors, shortcuts, and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Remnant II review

Gameplay Experience and Combat

Despite the technical and artistic accomplishments of the procedurally generated world, Remnant II falls short in minute-to-minute gameplay. The movement feels slow, and the Dark-Souls-style dodge rolling doesn’t blend well with shooting mechanics. The shooting itself is technically sound but lacks a satisfying impact, while basic mechanics such as taking cover or peeking around corners are missing. AI is simple, with enemies frequently swarming players. Boss battles exhibit varying degrees of cleverness, with some disappointingly easy to cheese. Meanwhile, certain late-game bosses deliver frustratingly cheap one-hit kills, creating an inconsistent combat experience.

Loot System and Character Building

Remnant II’s character-building system stands out with its depth and complexity. Offering over 10 detailed Archetypes that can be combined to create unique dual-class characters, the game provides a vast array of customization options. Traits, weapon mods, and mutations add further intricacies to the character-building process. However, the potential excitement is hampered by the game’s underwhelming loot system. Unlike Borderlands, where players encounter a constant stream of cool and unique weapons, Remnant II primarily rewards players with crafting and upgrade materials, leading to a lackluster loot experience.

Remnant II review

Co-op Play and Multiplayer Experience

Remnant II can be played solo offline or with up to two other players in co-op mode. Co-op play offers a mixed experience, as joining random players often feels disconnected, while playing with friends over an entire campaign adds depth and enjoyment to the journey. However, the game doesn’t fully exploit the potential of strategic co-op scenarios, and some players may find the multiplayer mechanics lacking in unique depth.


In conclusion, Remnant II review presents a far-reaching world through its procedurally generated environments, providing an immersive experience with plenty of secrets to uncover. The character-building system offers depth, but the underwhelming loot system detracts from its potential. While the game falls short in storytelling and minute-to-minute combat, the unique combination of co-op and procedurally generated worlds will likely appeal to some players. Despite its flaws, Remnant II offers a lengthy campaign that will keep dedicated players engaged for a significant amount of time.

Remnant II review


Is Remnant II a direct sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes?

Yes, Remnant II is a direct sequel to the original Remnant: From the Ashes.

How long does it take to complete the game’s campaign?

A single playthrough of the campaign will take approximately 25 hours.

Can Remnant II be played solo or only in co-op?

Remnant II can be played both solo offline and in co-op mode with up to two other players.

What makes the procedural generation in Remnant II impressive?

The game’s procedural generation creates unique worlds, including map layouts, sidequests, and the general flow of the campaign, resulting in a diverse and immersive experience with each playthrough.

Are there any major improvements in Remnant II compared to its predecessor?

Remnant II offers a more ambitious world, powered by Unreal Engine 5 technology, and provides a wider array of character-building options with over 10 detailed Archetypes to choose from. However, the loot system remains underwhelming compared to other looter-shooters.

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