AMD Unveils Next-Gen MI400 Instinct AI Accelerators for Enhanced Generative AI Support | AMD vs. NVIDIA: AI Accelerator Competition

AMD is taking an aggressive approach in the AI industry and has officially confirmed its plans to develop the next-generation “MI400” Instinct series of AI accelerators. The confirmation follows Lenovo’s VP’s previous statement about the existence of these accelerators on AMD’s agenda.

During a recent Q2 earnings call, AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, hinted at the future Instinct MI400 AI Accelerators, although she did not provide specific details, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting more information. Similar to the MI300 series, the MI400 accelerators will be available in a range of configurations, catering to various AI application needs.

When you look across those workloads and the investments that we’re making, not just today, but going forward with our next generation MI400 series and so on and so forth, we definitely believe that we have a very competitive and capable hardware roadmap. I think the discussion about AMD, frankly, has always been about the software roadmap, and we do see a bit of a change here on the software side.

Dr. Lisa Su (AMD CEO)

While the Instinct lineup boasts top-of-the-line hardware specifications, AMD recognizes the need to bolster its software platform to offer better support for generative AI applications. NVIDIA has been a front-runner in this aspect with features like “NVIDIA ACE” and “DLSDR.” To bridge this gap, AMD is focusing on improving its software capabilities, potentially introducing significant changes that will enhance the Instinct platform.

Apart from the next-gen MI400 Instinct lineup, AMD has also revealed plans to develop “cut-down” MI300 variants specifically for the Chinese market to comply with US trade policies. While exact specifications remain uncertain, it is speculated that Team Red will adopt a strategy similar to NVIDIA’s “H800 and A800” GPUs.

NVIDIA has been capitalizing on the AI market, experiencing tremendous sales and demand. However, competitors like Intel and AMD are gearing up to provide stiff competition due to their better performance and value offerings. With the development of the MI400 series and improvements in software support, AMD aims to establish a strong presence in the AI industry and offer viable alternatives to NVIDIA’s offerings.

AMD Radeon Instinct Accelerators – AMD MI400 Instinct AI Accelerators

CPU ArchitectureGPU ArchitectureGPU Process NodeGPU ChipletsGPU CoresGPU Clock SpeedFP16 ComputeFP32 ComputeFP64 ComputeVRAMMemory ClockMemory BusMemory BandwidthForm FactorCoolingTDP (Max)
Zen 4 (Exascale APU)Aqua Vanjaram (CDNA 3)5nm+6nm8 (MCM)Up To 19,456TBATBATBATBA192 GB HBM35.2 Gbps8192-bit5.2 TB/sOAMPassive Cooling750W
N/AAldebaran (CDNA 2)6nm2 (MCM) 1 (Per Die)14,0801700 MHz383 TOPs95.7 TFLOPs47.9 TFLOPs128 GB HBM2e3.2 Gbps8192-bit3.2 TB/sOAMPassive Cooling560W
N/AAldebaran (CDNA 2)6nm2 (MCM) 1 (Per Die)13,3121700 MHz362 TOPs90.5 TFLOPs45.3 TFLOPs128 GB HBM2e3.2 Gbps8192-bit3.2 TB/sOAMPassive Cooling500W
N/AAldebaran (CDNA 2)6nm2 (MCM) 1 (Per Die)66561700 MHz181 TOPs45.3 TFLOPs22.6 TFLOPs64 GB HBM2e3.2 Gbps4096-bit1.6 TB/sDual Slot CardPassive Cooling300W
N/AArcturus (CDNA 1)7nm FinFET2 (MCM) 1 (Per Die)76801500 MHz185 TFLOPs23.1 TFLOPs11.5 TFLOPs32 GB HBM21200 MHz4096-bit1.23 TB/sDual Slot, Full LengthPassive Cooling300W
N/AVega 207nm FinFET1 (Monolithic)40961800 MHz29.5 TFLOPs14.7 TFLOPs7.4 TFLOPs32 GB HBM21000 MHz4096-bit1 TB/sDual Slot, Full LengthPassive Cooling300W
N/AVega 207nm FinFET1 (Monolithic)38401725 MHz26.5 TFLOPs13.3 TFLOPs6.6 TFLOPs16 GB HBM21000 MHz4096-bit1 TB/sDual Slot, Full LengthPassive Cooling300W
N/AVega 1014nm FinFET1 (Monolithic)40961500 MHz24.6 TFLOPs12.3 TFLOPs768 GFLOPs16 GB HBM2945 MHz2048-bit484 GB/sDual Slot, Full LengthPassive Cooling300W
N/AFiji XT28nm1 (Monolithic)40961000 MHz8.2 TFLOPs8.2 TFLOPs512 GFLOPs4 GB HBM1500 MHz4096-bit512 GB/sDual Slot, Half LengthPassive Cooling175W
N/APolaris 1014nm FinFET1 (Monolithic)23041237 MHz5.7 TFLOPs5.7 TFLOPs384 GFLOPs16 GB GDDR51750 MHz256-bit224 GB/sSingle Slot, Full LengthPassive Cooling150W



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