AFOX Lists NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GeForce RTX 50 GPUs on ECC, but Cautious Optimism Advised

In a recent development, AFOX, a Taiwan-based company known for repackaging NVIDIA GPUs, has listed several models from NVIDIA’s speculated next-gen RTX 50 series on the ECC (Error-Correcting Code) database. While this news might pique the interest of gaming enthusiasts and technology aficionados, it’s essential to approach this information with a degree of skepticism, given AFOX’s status as a non-official partner of NVIDIA.

AFOX’s role in the industry involves repackaging and selling NVIDIA GPUs without necessarily adhering to the standard guidelines set by the official board partners. Consequently, the credibility of the information shared by AFOX about NVIDIA’s upcoming graphics card lineup should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The models listed by AFOX include a range of GPUs, such as the RTX 5090 Ti, RTX 5090, RTX 5080 Ti, RTX 5080, RTX 5070 Ti, RTX 5070, RTX 5060 Ti, RTX 5060, RTX 5050 Ti, and the RTX 5050. However, it’s important to note that these listings are speculative and based on AFOX’s early guesswork. NVIDIA’s product development and launch timelines are typically shrouded in secrecy, and it’s unlikely that any concrete information about the next-gen RTX 50 series will emerge until the launch date draws nearer.

It’s worth recalling that AFOX has made similar speculative listings in the past, including the Radeon RX 5950 back in 2020, which never materialized as an actual product. Therefore, while the ECC listing from AFOX does provide some insight into NVIDIA’s potential approach with their “Blackwell” GPUs, it’s far from a definitive confirmation of the lineup’s existence or specifications.

NVIDIA next-gen RTX 50 series GPUs

In the context of NVIDIA’s historical release patterns, the NVIDIA next-gen RTX 50 series GPUs are still relatively new to the market. Given this, any potential next-generation RTX 50 series release would likely be some time away, possibly in the vicinity of 2025. Adding to the mix of rumors, there’s also speculation about an “Ada Lovelace” refresh from NVIDIA. The company’s strategy for the Blackwell GPUs is anticipated to push computing performance to new heights, but until more substantial information emerges from official sources, it’s important to manage expectations accordingly.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, and with NVIDIA being a key player in the graphics card industry, enthusiasts and consumers alike can certainly anticipate exciting advancements. However, until concrete details emerge from NVIDIA’s official channels, including their board partners, it’s advisable to temper expectations and wait for reliable information before getting too carried away with the latest speculations.


Process NodeTSMC 16nmTSMC 12nmSamsung 8nmTSMC 5nmTBD
Launch Year20162018202020222025
Enthusiast SKUGP104TU104GA102AD103GB203
High-End SKUGP104TU106GA104AD104GB205
Mainstream SKUGP106TU106GA106AD106GB206
Entry-Level SKUGP107TU116/117GA107AD107GB207



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