ASUS Introduces Innovative Cableless GPU Power Connector with 600W Capacity, Yet Proprietary in Nature

In a bold move to redefine power delivery for gaming GPUs, ASUS has unveiled its revolutionary cableless GPU power connector, code-named “GC-HPWR,” capable of delivering an impressive 600W of power. This innovative connector replaces the traditional 12VHPWR design, promising enhanced efficiency, easier installation, and improved aesthetics. However, its proprietary nature and dependency on compatible motherboards raise some considerations.

ASUS’s GC-HPWR connector, originally showcased on an RTX 40 GPU and Z790 motherboard at Computex 2023, has garnered significant attention. The Cableless GPU power connector boasts a unique design that eliminates the need for traditional power cables, streamlining cable management efforts. Positioned adjacent to the PCIe x16 slot and supported by the slot itself, the connector’s placement facilitates a hassle-free installation process.

The mechanism behind the GC-HPWR connector involves four distinct groups of pins responsible for power delivery and communication between the motherboard and the GPU. Drawing inspiration from the server industry, ASUS has adapted the connector to cater to the power demands of modern GPUs. The documentation reveals its remarkable capacity to deliver up to 600W of power, comparable to the traditional 12VHPWR connector’s maximum rating.

While initial adoption has been limited to ASUS’s products, the connector’s potential has caught the industry’s eye. ASUS’s Megladoon GeForce RTX 4070, featuring a 200W power limit, showcases the connector’s integration. However, enthusiasts are anticipating its inclusion in higher-end GPUs like the speculated “Ada Lovelace” series.

One of the main driving forces behind the development of the GC-HPWR connector is its cableless design, eliminating the need for physical connections. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this design mitigates problems commonly associated with traditional power connectors, presenting a viable option for current-gen GPUs.

However, the connector’s compatibility requirement with specific motherboards poses a potential hurdle. Consumers might find themselves compelled to invest in higher-priced motherboards to utilize the connector fully. Nevertheless, the concept holds great promise, offering new prospects for power delivery and GPU compatibility.

ASUS has teased the integration of the GC-HPWR connector into motherboards based on the Z790 and B760 chipsets. These motherboards will necessitate power from either up to four 8-pin connectors or a single 12VHPWR connector situated at the rear of the board.

While the pricing of GPUs featuring the GC-HPWR connector remains undisclosed, it’s expected to be marginally higher than standard variants. This increase can be attributed to the adoption of a novel standard and the intricacies of the manufacturing process.

As ASUS takes a bold step towards reinventing power delivery in gaming GPUs, the industry watches with anticipation, curious about the widespread adoption of this cableless connector design and the impact it will have on the gaming hardware landscape.

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