ASUS Officially Takes Charge of Intel’s NUC Division, Next-Gen Mini PCs Coming Soon

In a significant development, ASUS has officially assumed control of Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Computing) division, marking a new era for mini PC enthusiasts. ASUS recently announced its upcoming NUC products, which will be powered by Intel’s 10th to 13th Generation CPUs.

This transition is primarily a formal step to inform consumers that ASUS is now responsible for the NUC division, taking over from Intel. Products showcased on ASUS’s “NUC Overview” webpage include the NUC 13 units that were part of Intel’s NUC lineup. Consequently, those interested in purchasing products like the NUC 13 Extreme will now turn to ASUS, as Intel has officially discontinued its involvement in this segment.

The move comes in the wake of Intel’s decision, announced on July 18th, to discontinue further investments in its NUC division due to a corporate restructuring policy. However, Intel has ensured that the NUC lineup will receive the care it deserves by entrusting it to ASUS, a well-respected name in the realm of Mini-PCs.

For now, the current NUC products have retained their core features, with only a change in branding. Nevertheless, ASUS has promised exciting developments for the future of NUCs. ASUS’s reputation for crafting exceptional Mini-PCs from their PN, PB, and PL series bodes well for the NUC lineup.

ASUS’s ambitions go beyond maintaining the status quo; the company plans to integrate the NUC lineup with its revered “ROG products.” This vision has already materialized to some extent with the release of the ROG G22CH. This strategic move is expected to redefine the Mini-PC segment and further solidify ASUS’s position as a market leader.

Additionally, ASUS has unveiled its plans to incorporate next-gen Meteor Lake chips into NUC products. This move is set to elevate the NUC platform to new heights. Anticipate state-of-the-art systems equipped with a hybrid cooling mechanism that combines air and liquid cooling for optimal performance and thermals.

ASUS’s ROG lineup has garnered acclaim for its excellence, and with the inclusion of NUCs, ASUS aspires to dominate the Mini-PC segment. This goal seems increasingly attainable given ASUS’s track record of innovation and dedication to enhancing user experiences.

While there is no official release date for the next-gen NUCs, enthusiasts can expect a showcase around Intel’s Innovation 2023 event. This event is likely to feature the launch of Meteor Lake, showcasing the exciting future of ASUS’s NUC products. Stay tuned for further updates on this promising development in the world of Mini-PCs.


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